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Posted: Wednesday Jul 25, 17:14 PDT Updated: Wednesday Jul 25, 17:32 PDT

No Restrictions, All Kink! Phone Sex w/ Diana 1-888-258-8591

Certified in cock milking this enchanting MILF will have you by your balls as her blue eyes lay upon you...

Enticing you with her enchanting blue eyes this MILF has your will
and your balls in her hands. Teasing and enticing this enchantress has the skills to milk you... lips so plump and wet...slipping and sliding her way to the creamy reward she'll allow you to baptise her with....
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2.00 per minute/10 min minimum
V/MC/Disco/Amx Credit/debit/pre-paid Gift cards accepted

sxywildmilf Y!
2.00 per minute 10 minute minimum = 20.00
V~ MC~D~AmX~Prepaid~Gift~Debit~Credit Cards are Accepted

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